St John the Evangelist Wroxall


St John's continued to hold many of its annual events throughout 2018.  Unfortunately there were some which were unable to be held due to a burst pipe in the kitchen area of the church hall.  This happened during the "Beast from the East" season and meant the hall was out of use for several weeks.

Following the Insurers authority to proceed with the work, the kitchen was soon repaired by a local builder, giving it a 'new look' and freshening it up.  The whole of the hall was then 'spruced up' by Staff from Island Roads who included it in their work for charities and their commitment to the community.  This, in turn, inspired both our Churchwarden and our Maintenance Manager to refresh several other areas and when the whole place was finished, all agreed that everyone had done a good job!

"Oh, no, what theme shall we have this year?" was the cry of the flower ladies as they planned for the annual Flower Festival which was held from the 29th June - 1st July 2018.  What did they come up with?  Modes of Transport through the Ages."  Not only did they produce some wonderful flower displays (as they always do) but the arrangements were accompanied by some informative details about transport.  Gateaux and cheesecake (yes, and cream!) followed the hearty ploughman's lunches served Saturday lunchtime and the pièce de résistance, a deliciouse cream tea, was served on Sunday afternoon following the Songs of Praise time.  Not only were there scones, jam and cream (which does go on first?) but there were also scrumptious cakes too.  Hats off to all those who baked for the weekend and to those who served at table during these events.

What better occupation is there on a beautiful summer evening, than to sit back and enjoy some exhilirating, live band music.  This is just what was provided by the Cowes Concert Band on the Tuesday prior to the Festival.  Later in the week, there was 'a first' for St John's when we hosted The Wight Ukers, a group of Ukelele players.  They entertained in their own inimitable way for an hour and, I believe, inspired others to take up the instrument.

Do go to our photos page to get a better view of what really went on!  

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